When light played tricks and a bow formed in the cloudy sky.


A Craving since 1989


Hotel Arya Bhavan at Pandalam was one of the favorite hangouts of my parents in the years we lived there, prior to the arrival of my sister in the scene. Since 1989-90, there’s only thing that I order from this restaurant; Ghee Roast aka Ney Roast. Crispy Dosa with Ghee used abundantly over it, along with coconut chutney, Sambar and a vada.

The picture above is not of Ghee Roast from Arya Bhavan. It is mine own variety of it. Crispy with ghee!

Biryani from Gem


That, folks, is a Mutton Biryani from Hotel Gem, Secunderabad Railway Station Road. I don’t know how many times I have been to this gem of a place. It is one of the few Malayali restaurants in the City and serves Kerala food. The appearance is rather dull and dark, but the food will instantly brighten your face. Mutton Biryani, here, is one of my favorites. The mutton is spicy as well as soft and juicy.

P.S:- I remember going there four years ago.. Yesterday when I walked in, the manager recognized me and smiled instantly as he flipped open the Menu to the page where Biryanis are listed!

Lake Food


I know there are too many photographs of food. But then, life is generally about food for me. This was taken b me using Teja’s camera, a Nikon 5300.
It is from my favorite Toddy shop in Kerala. Podimeen Fry and Kappa (in the background).